OP3 Kernel coming soon

Meanwhile I am quite happy with my alpha kernels (both OOS and CM13) for the OnePlus 3, so I think a release is not too far away anymore.

Do not ask for ETAs though, I will not answer them. It is there when I announce and upload it.

For your preparation, these are the features you can expect for the first betas - depending on

Please find some important points you might want to read before you use the new Anykernel Boeffla-Kernels:

Anykernel concept means: Boeffla-Kernel does not come with it's own ramdisk anymore, instead it assembles the ramdisk of the installed stock rom kernel into Boeffla-Kernel during Boeffla flashing.

So consider the following points carefuly:

  1. Use only Boeffla-Config app version 2.3.1 or

You might wonder already for a while why I released all my kernels as stable versions recently, and on top I mysteriously mention "new concept" kernels and so on.
Now it is time to shed some light into the darkness.

Why the change?

Indeed, I decided a few weeks ago (after careful analysis) to break with one of my former objectives for the good. I will now move all my active kernels to the so called "Anykernel" method.

I was against this method for a long time, as the nature of how my kernels worked during initialization did not allow me to do a controlled Anykernel kernel. My kernels historically always relied on very heavy modifications of the ramdisk to provide all the Boeffla magic

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