The Boeffla-Config Donation apps are receiving an update these days to introduce a new authorization concept for Donators:

Instead of having the donation app installed, a personalized key code together with your email address will be used in future to unlock the donation functions in Boeffla-Config V2.

The update of the donation app which you will receive asks you for your personal e-mail address. The only use of this address by the donation app is to generate your personal key code. The address is not used nor transferred somewhere etc.

Note: Due to my retirement from Android development in near-future, please think twice before you consider to donate.

Latest news on the removal of Boeffla-Config V2 from Google play store:

In the meantime you can also donate via PayPal (minimum is 2.49 EUR to be fair with users already purchased the donation app via play store) to receive a personal code to unlock the donation functions.

By this, you will not feed 30% of your money to Google but support my work with every cent.

So - you have the choice.


Google has removed the configuration app from Play Store due to currently unknown reasons (clarification in progress).

To configure any of my kernels, you need to download and manually install the app "Boeffla-Config V2" from here:


Boeffla-Kernel - your daily usage kernel for OnePlus 3, 2, One, X / Galaxy S5, S3 / n80xx, n5xxx