Note: Support is stopped now (as all my kernels are end-of-life), all E-Mail addresses are disabled. Any mail sent to them will not reach me, so please do not expect any answer.

First: Ask in a forum

In order to get fast support (also when I am not available) and also to off-load big parts of the support work from my person to the community, try to describe your problem in one of the various forums first.

You need to provide as much information as possible, see below the red section for guidance what we need.

Also, it helps to spread the knowledge instead of having me giving you isolated support which could be helpful for the whole community.

In the following forums, there are dedicated threads for my kernels with lot's of experts in that can usually help very quickly:

For English-speaking folks I recommend you visit XDA Developers.

For German-speaking you should go to

Only if you cannot get any help there, I would recommend you contact me as per below.

Second: Contact me

For support, please send an email to the support address, which you will find on the kernel download page per device.

Send the email in English, German or "Bavarian" language only. I have no time and motivation to use Google translator myself to try to understand you. If you do not speak any of these two languages, use a translation tool yourself already. I will ignore all mails in foreign languages that I do not speak.

Please only contact me directly that when you were not successful in one of the mentioned forums. Support mails will be answered in a first-in-first-out basis and there are no service levels for it. It can take hours or even many days for me to look at it and answer.

Information required from you

Please always provide the following information when seeking for support:

  • Exact description of the issue
  • Device information
  • Kernel version
  • Rom version
  • Root method and version (supersu, internal CM/LineageOS root, Magisk etc.)
  • Steps to reproduce the issue
  • Debug info file created from within Boeffla-Config (Action menu, very last item)
  • on my request: anything else that could help, like Screenshots, logcat, last_kmesg

If one of the mandatory information is missing, I will ignore your request.
Please note, I will not respond to the support query when I am unable to reproduce the issue on my side.

Support exceptions

I will likely completely ignore all support requests when:

  • you do not use English or German language in your communication
  • you do not use Boeffla-Config app for kernel configuration but another 3rd party app (this is known and inteded to cause issues)
  • you use undervolting
  • you use overclocking
  • you use xposed
  • you use a custom rom apart from official LineageOS/CM or vendor stock
  • you report issues when playing games - I could not care less, I am not interested in gaming

Using any of these can lead to all sort of issues, which is a waste of time for me to investigate.
Thank you for your understanding.


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