Boeffla-Kernel - your everyday's kernel for the OnePlus 2, OnePlus X, OnePlus One, Samsung Galaxy S5 and S3 - made with German precision. made in germany


Basically I created Boeffla-Kernel as there was no kernel for the Samsung Galaxy S3 around that had exactly the mix of functionalities that I wanted. I wanted to have full flexibility in undervolting and charge rates for instance, but did not like the sharpness and/or brightness tweaks many kernels have implemented as per default and not switchable.

Hence, I began to create my own kernel after a while, adding all the features I like. This is the result of my work, which in the end I decided to share with you. I hope you like it as much as I do.

The objective of this kernel is to have a kernel for daily use. It does not aim for best battery life, or best smoothness or best benchmark scores. It aims more for a good mix of all, not sacrificing stability and functionality in the end.

So the main targets are:

  • Stay very close to stock kernel, to not break functionality and have great stability
  • Try to improve smoothness a bit
  • Try to improve battery life a bit
  • Try to give some easy options for tweaking and configuration

Said that, I will never implement things like:

  • Real "hard" overclocking above 1.6 GHz (if you need a gamer kernel, there are enough around)
  • Things that I do not need or consider to be important personally

What I might still implement in future:

  • Interesting new stuff that I like
  • ... you tell me?


If you like my work, fee free to donate: Donation

Source codes

All sources can be found in my Github repository:

Credits to developers

Of course, I had never been able to create all that by my own. So I want to give credits to the really good developers around, that have given me all the inspiration and from which I cherry picked lots of the implemented functionalities:

  • Yank555
  • Hardcore
  • Chainfire
  • Harunjo
  • AndreiLux
  • Netarchy
  • Gokhanmoral
  • Simone201
  • Supercurio
  • ZaneZam
  • Mialwe
  • HM.Carbide

... I just hope I did not forget someone. If so, please let me know and I will add you of course.

Thanks to all of you for your great work !!!

Credits to testers

Of course, I also want to thank all my beta testers that gave and still give me a lot of feedback during every development phase.

Thanks to all of you for the time you spent testing the various betas.

Boeffla-Kernel - your daily usage kernel for OnePlus 3, 2, One, X / Galaxy S5, S3 / n80xx, n5xxx