"It's always best to leave when things are at their best"


Dear Boeffla-Universe,

the above saying already indicates the message I need to convey to you today.

I have taken the decision to retire from active kernel development completely in near future.

This has numerous different reasons, the most important ones listed to make you understand my decision better:

  1. After being active in kernel development for almost 6 years, I feel the time has come to move on to new things in my private life.
  2. Regarding professional life: I always had a very demanding job, but due to globalization my job is now also global, and this makes it even more demanding and time-consuming. In short, I did not find enough time for kernel work anymore in the past months, and this will not change in the next years.
  3. Custom kernels are not that much required anymore than it was when I started with kernel work on the Galaxy S3 way back in 2011. Nowadays stock kernels are mature and are not lacking a lot anymore.
  4. I am not "burning" anymore for kernel development, and this may be the most important reason even. Not burning for something means it is not done with the appropriate passion. And this leads to missing focus, lack of quality and response times. The fun factor turned more into a "have-to-deliver-be-responsive" pressure factor over the time.
  5. My primary objectives always were: Stability and Quality. Before I start to give crap to users due to missing passion and time, I rather prefer to end it.
  6. It is becoming more and more difficult to provide good solutions on Android, as Google and smartphone vendors changed a lot over the past years to make development harder and harder. I just mention things like locked bootloaders (I am afraid this will come more and more), security frameworks, encryption, digital signatures, knox, efuses... etc etc. It is no fun anymore to develop nowadays as one has to put many dirty workarounds in to achieve what we achieved easily 5 years ago. I personally believe, Android development will become harder with every new Android release, and I am not willing to accept my development life will become harder every year.
  7. Google started more and more to be a p... in the a... Just look how many devs have trouble with their apps in play store nowadays, apps are removed without conclusive reasons etc. Wrong way, I do not support that.
  8. Unfortunately, all over the place, there are more and more morons, both on developer and user side. Am I fed up with useless discussions? Yes, I am certainly.

Now, what does that mean for you:

  1. I will continue to maintain my kernels for OnePlus 5 (OOS 5, Lineage 15), OnePlus 5T (OOS 5), OnePlus3/T (OOS 5, Lineage 15).
  2. I will not provide kernels for OOS 6, Lineage 16 or any other Android P anymore.
  3. Of course I will also not hook up any new devices anymore
  4. Once a device moves to OOS 6 or Lineage 16, it will get out of kernel support.
  5. I do indeed strongly recommend you to start looking for alternative custom kernels and switch over to them (I will not give you recommendations as this is rude to other kernel devs)
  6. I encourage you to not donate anymore, unless you really feel you want to, I will place a note on that and take down the donation links when the last kernel updates are out
  7. www.boeffla.de will stay alive as long as still required for my remaining kernels to be maintained. Afterwards I will take it down.

Will I be bored after my Android development retirement? Certainly not, don't worry. I have enough hobbies which I hope will get some more time now. I have the best wife in world ever, and I am happy to give her more time as well as she certainly deserves it. In short, retiring from Android development will not make me unhappy at all.

What I want to say is: Do not expect me to ever return back in the scene. Well, never say never, that is true too, but currently I cannot imagine this to ever happen.
Refrain from trying to change my decision, it is final.

Last not least, I want to thank all my loyal users and followers for the past years. It was an intersting and challenging journey. It was an important chapter in my life, which I never will forget and do not want to miss. Also especially NO-thanks for the ungrateful people out there, which did not honor to get all my work basically for free.
Also I want to thank some helpful and friendly devs in the scene for good collaboration. I do not want to list them now, as I am sure I would forget the one or other. The same here... NO-Thanks to the devs that turned out to be morons during that time, and this number is not small.
Finally also thanks to OnePlus for having me as part of the developer community, providing me development devices for a long time. This was absolutely appreciated.

Closing remarks: I wish you guys a bright and prosperous future. Have all the fun you can have with Android in future as well. I still believe it is a good platform, although I was more happy with it in the past.

The Lord has spoken.

Bye Bye.

Boeffla-Kernel - your daily usage kernel for OnePlus 3, 2, One, X / Galaxy S5, S3 / n80xx, n5xxx