Note: As of 04th April 2018, kernels for the mentioned devices are moved to the EOL Kernel Versions download area !!! 

With the release of the last, final, stable Boeffla-Kernel versions for LineageOS 14.1, the mentioned phones will not receive any more updates on Boeffla-Kernel anymore. 

There will be no new kernels, also not for LineageOS 15 or newer, as communicated on the roadmap for long time already. Therefore, the devices are now officially dropped off my list of supported devices.

There is one (unlikely) exception though: The devices which are still receiving official LineageOS 14.1 would be receiving another stable kernel update if LineageOS team does official kernel changes to 14.1 again which breaks my last stable version. But this is the one and only exception I would release another update for one of these devices again.

Thanks to all supporters of my kernels for these phones. Now the journey is finally over.

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