Guys, I am receiving more and more completely useless support requests in different threads. Useless because people provide nothing to be able to help, not even the minimal possible information they could give.

Hence, I will now remind anyone again on the support guide lines stated here:

Also you need to ensure you follow the installation guide lines incl. trouble-shooting stated here:

And to cut a long story short: If you do not at least provide what I request in the support guide lines, I will IGNORE YOUR REQUESTS IN FUTURE.
Straight and simple. I have enough of people wasting my time just because they are too lazy to write details.

Also as a reminder:

  • you use xposed? -> no support, everything is your own issue
  • you use a custom rom and not the official stock or CM one? -> good luck, you are on your own
  • you undervolt or overclock? -> have fun, but without my support

Sorry, this might sound harsh (and it is meant to sound harsh), but you cannot imagine about how crappy support requests can be. Stating something does not work is just not enough.

Please consider that!!!

In the past days, I reorganized the download structure a bit + many kernel went end-of-life, so they moved into another download section.

In detail:

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